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Docu Magazine sadegh amiri hanzaki

Established in 2020, Docu Magazine is dedicated to contemporary documentary photography and the photographic imagery resulting from the time-based processes found in many interdisciplinary art practices today.


Beautica Magazine Sadegh Amiri Hanzaki

“Beautica magazine is an internationally publishing magazine. We accept submissions all kinds of creative fashion and beauty, nude & boudoir art and will also be publishing some special editions. The management of the Beautica consists of professional, qualified and determined people who, with enormous dedication, manage the working of Beautica Magazine.


Hollyway Magazine Sadegh Amiri Hanzaki

I feel honored and happy that my photos are selected and got published in Hollyway Magazine. HOLLYWAY Magazine is an Art, Fashion and Beauty Magazine based in Tokyo. HOLLYWAY Magazine is a project, which creates a community to inspire each other through photography and art. We are an Art, Fashion and Beauty Magazine based in… Continue reading HOLLYWAY Magazine


Sadegh Amiri Hanzaki The city is known for its saffron and handmade carpet exports. Birjand is a fast-growing city and a major center of commerce in eastern Iran. It had two forts, one on a prominent high ground in the south and the other on low ground in the north of the city. undefined The old town was about three miles in circumference and had a few gardens and green fields known as Keshman in the southern sections. read more on Birjand commands a high strategic position in the eastern part of Iran, almost halfway between Zahedan (near the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan) on the one hand, and Mashhad (center of Khorasan Razavi) on the other.