Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling genres of photography, one that will challenge your people skills, technical abilities, and physical stamina. To succeed as a wedding photographer, you will need to become an expert in a wide of subjects, from how to work your camera to how to market your business.

What Is a Wedding Photographer?

A wedding photographer generally captures memorable moments and details on the wedding day to create a fabulous album of memories. This includes capturing the big moments like when partners first see each other, exchanging vows or rings, and during the ceremony. They may also take candid photos throughout the day at various points such as in front of a church or reception hall. Wedding photographers can be very creative in their approach to capturing those magical moments that will serve as a lasting memory for their clients.


Wedding photography is a profession that is one of the most challenging and rewarding, even if it can be quite stressful at times. Invasive family members, awkward relatives, and demanding clients can make some days feel like you’re shooting in a war zone. However, when everything goes right and the photographs turn out beautifully, there’s nothing like hearing the joy in your client’s voice.