1 ROIDX MAGAZINE - Sadegh Amiri


A fashion, and high-end magazine, is not for belief – it’s for dream. We do not need to see fashion as something we can not achieve, or touch. It is not a god guiding people how to approach it, or telling you what things you should do, what things you should not do. Fashion is very close to you, it is in your blood. So when we say a DREAM, we don’t say we follow the dream, or we adore the dream. We say we want to make it come ture! To make fashion come ture, let it exist anywhere in your life. One day you got inspiration about fashion from a book, a movie, or an opera. One day you got an idea about fashion from photographs, music, or magazines. You’d better bring them into reality, just do it, fight for it. And another day, you will find the dream you dreamed has already become the power you hold. This is the way we define the difference between belief and dream. Belief is always in your mind, it impacts the way you talk, the way you act, but you will never become belief. Dream always shows up in your mind, it encourages you, guides you, and gives you strength to fight for it. And then, you achieve it, you got it. We wish we are the platform which can help you to achieve your dream. We see how difficult you fight for, that is why we are here to offer you an opportunity – achieve your dream faster, easier. The dream you have about fashion!