Sadegh Amiri Hanzaki Poster

Sadegh Amiri

Sadegh Amiri was born in 1987 in Tehran. As a child, he was particularly interested in photography and he owed that interest to his father. when he was 11, as a model student, he won a Sega console for his outstanding studies but due to his passion for photography, he ended up trading his prize with the third-place winner who had received a camera. After attaining his degree in Graphic Design, Sadegh pursued his childhood passion of becoming a professional photographer. He worked for various newspapers & magazines, and media companies for a number of years where his work was published in a plethora of journals and other published works. During this time Sadegh cultivated an interest in documentary and street photography in which field he could tell the story of people from all walks of life. In addition to participating in various international exhibitions and festivals, Sadegh has also been successful in international competitions. In 2018, he won the gold prize at the Metro Photo Challenge competition in Mexico. Sadegh placed first in the People’s award and Global Prize. Sadegh also has noteworthy photographs in the portrait, advertising, fine art, and other such categories. In 2012, Sadegh established his personal studio and in 2016 went on to establish an international journal by the name of Brightness magazine. Currently, he is not only a professional photographer but also the founder of Brightness magazine and his personal studio Bristu in Holland.