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Photojournalism is the process of story telling using the medium of photography as your main story telling device. While a journalist will use their pen and paper to tell stories, a photojournalist will use their camera to capture the visual representation of a story. Most of us are familiar with the old adage “a picture… Continue reading Photojournalism

Marika Magazine

Marika - Sadegh Amiri

MARIKA Magazine is a photography magazine featuring beauty, fashion, portrait, fine-art, kids, men, nude, nature, special reports, interview and conceptual editorials. MARIKA Magazine is authenticity in every direction for yourself. We don’t seek to define beauty and fashion with one narrow idea: no rules. Vintage is right next to newly discovered designers. We are looking… Continue reading Marika Magazine


1 ROIDX MAGAZINE - Sadegh Amiri

A fashion, and high-end magazine, is not for belief – it’s for dream. We do not need to see fashion as something we can not achieve, or touch. It is not a god guiding people how to approach it, or telling you what things you should do, what things you should not do. Fashion is… Continue reading Roidx


Artells - Sadegh Amiri

Artells is a photo magazine that presents beauty, fashion, fine-art, portrait and conceptual stories.We give the opportunity to present ourselves to the world. We are proud of every work published in Artells. Choose a category: fashion, beauty, portrait, kids, fineart, men, wedding day or nude 


Photohouse Sadegh Amiri

Photohouse is an international photographers’ community & magazine. Professionals around the world exchange their ideas, creativity by posting their works.